About Me

Who I am

I started to work in IT in 1998 and until now I still love my job (Well, actually it’s a love & hate thing going on here).
Of course I’m not doing the same stuff as I did back in the days, as IT changes so did I and my job.
I started “at the beginning”, doing the internal hotline, onsite support and so on.
Moved forward to scripting, software packaging, Active Directory, SCCM, Azure, MDM and so on, for big and small (~1000 enduser) customers.
Of course I’m working in a team.

Time off?

Like nearly everyone else in such a job, away from work I’m also interested in it, but not exactly the same as in my job.
If you read through my page you’ll get a pretty good overview of my interests.

Time for some tech!

My main “machine” is a Framework Laptop (i7-1280p, 64GB RAM, 2TB).
Beside of that I’m using a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (i7, 16GB RAM, 256GB).
My phone is an iPhone 15 Pro (256GB), simply because I prefer iOS on my smartphone.

Why devzone.at?

Back in the days, so about 20ish years ago, I’ve used this domain as my development place to build websites.
Because: One doesn’t develop in the productive environment.
Over time my interests have changed (a bit), but the domain stayed. So why not use it for some other stuff which is (at least a little bit) related to development?